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Micro-X makes AFR Top 50 Fast Global List

Micro-X has placed in the top 50 of Australian Financial Review’s inaugural Fast Global List, published on 13 June. The Fast Global list ranks the Australian companies most quickly growing their revenue sourced from offshore.

‘Lateral thinking’: How to break into the US market

Words by Christopher Niesche

For Kingsley Hall, of one the main challenges of expanding sales of Micro X’s portable X-ray machines is getting customers to try it.

“What we find is that when people use our product, they immediately see the benefits. It’s like test-driving a car. Once you drive a really nice car, you know that you like it. But if you’re the new kid on the block, it’s hard. You’ve got to get people to try you,” says Hall.

Radiography is a conservative industry dominated by long-term players such as LG, Siemens and Philips, so breaking in isn’t easy. The company does roadshows in the US and takes the lightweight machines to hospitals where clinicians can use it.

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