rover mobile Dr


  • We have not replaced batteries on any of our sold units to date.
  • We offer 10-year tube warranty.
  • We have no motors to repair so less parts to breakdown.
  • Yes, all expected mobile x-ray examinations can be successfully performed.
  • Field Engineers experts service our machines.
  • Dedicated Applications Specialists train users on the hardware and software. They help create protocols and with adjustments to image quality.
  • No.
  • NEX Technology™ enables precisely controlled and efficiently produced x-ray dose.
  • Modern Digital X-ray panels have resulted in dramatic reduction in the dose required to generate high-quality imaging of the full range of patients and exposures.
  • Software based grids further reduce the dose while also suppressing the x-ray scatter.
  • The combination of NEX Technology with digital x-ray panels enables high quality diagnostic mobile x-ray imaging at lower (7.5kW) x-ray power.
  • Looking at x-rays performed by mobile systems, we have found that 95% of the exams taken today are at 110 kV or lower.
  • The requirement for motorized mobile carts comes from weight of the tubes, support arms, and generator-battery combination which leads to mobile x-ray systems weighing 350-600kgs.
  • Our NEX Technology tube weighs 2.35kgs, traditional thermionic tubes are approximately 12kgs.
  • Our NEX Technology tube does not require an oil bath to dissipate heat or sizable lead casing.
  • As a result the Rover DR System needs less counterweight and structure for the arm to hold the head in place.
  • In addition, the counterpoise arm casing and chassis are made from carbon fiber offering unparalleled strength and lightness.
  • A smaller more efficient generator results in a cart that is a maximum weight of 105kg. This is roughly 5 times lighter than motorized versions.
  • Fewer batteries are needed that quickly recharge improves reliability of the total system.
  • The lightweight system can be easily and precisely maneuvered with one hand needing only a featherlight touch. This allows ease of passage through narrow doorways as a single operator.
  • Micro-X has been selling mobile x-ray solutions through OEM partnerships. There are more than 300 units sold worldwide in more than 30 countries.
  • The Rover is Made in Australia, in Adelaide, the South Australian capital.

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