x-ray generation

Traditional Thermionic Tube Vs
Nano Electronic X-Ray (NEX Technology)


  • Heated tungsten filament cathode emits streams of electrodes which accelerate into the anode.
  • The impact on the anode generates massive heat and x-rays.
  • The heat generated adds complexity:
    • needs cooling – a rotating anode, oil bath, lead casing
    • adding weight.
  • Anode and cathode are at very high voltage.
  • Need ramp-up time to switch x-rays on and off.


  • Cold cathode carbon nanotubes emit a precisely controlled electron stream to anode.
  • The impact on the anode, produces x-rays.
  • Low heat enables simplification of tube, improving efficiencies:
    • no rotating anode or oil bath
    • light weight due to reduction in size.
  • Cathode is at 1-2kV.
  • X-rays can be switched on and off instantaneously with no ramping up time.

The Micro-X patented procedure of creating electrons with Carbon Nanotubes is called Nano Electronic Xray Technology, or NEX Technology TM

High density engineered thermoplastics Ecomass®casing by Ecomass Technologies. Images for illustration purpose only and are not to scale.


Thermionic vs Electronic (NEX Technology)


The next generation of Imaging

Micro-X has created proprietary Intellectual Property (IP) for the design and manufacture of electronic x-ray tubes, based on Carbon Nanotubes (CNT). We are calling this the Nano Electronic X-ray (NEX) Technology.

Micro-X is the first company to introduce NEX technology into medical imaging systems. NEX technology uses carbon nanotubes to generate x-rays with minimal heat so oil and motors are not required for cooling. Nex technology produces high quality medical imaging performance in a small, light reliable x-ray tube.

Micro-X’s patented technology is set to revolutionalize the potential of x-rays in a variety of industries and is currently being used as a development platform for all of our future products.

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Nano Electronic X-ray (NEX) Tubes are:

Micro-X First to Market

We are the only company with the NEX Technology, using carbon nanotubes.

NEX Technology & ROVER Mobile DR

  • Having no motors means less maintenance and breakdowns.
  • Very quiet.
  • Optimizing uptime.
  • Through low service overhead.
  • Taking up less space than traditional systems.
  • Light head and arm
    • as it is only ¼ the weight of traditional mobile head units.
  • Minimizes operator fatigue.
  • Wheelie bar to assist with elevation of front wheels in uneven terrain.
  • Owing to 4 bar linkage, counterpoise arm.
  • Lightweight tube of 2.35kgs and unmotorised arm keeps the device simple.
  • Folds away compactly to give great visibility with the arm folded for even the smallest operators.
  • Total weight maximum 105kgs.
  • Saving time between patients.
  • Can be used in any environment where X-ray is needed: hospital, home, special care facilities, transportable.
  • For use with adults, pediatrics and neonates.