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Ergonomics are Paramount

All components are built in-house enabling us to deliver unmatched ergonomic enhancements.

These features that make your life easier were designed to reduce physical exertion:

  • Tusks on the head incorporate collimation.
  • Counterpoise Arm which is self-balancing.
  • Ergoknobs that responds to the  lightest of touch.
  • Wheelie bar so it is easy to raise over bumps.
  • Nudge button enabling precise & simple positioning of the Rover System.
  • Software and user interface is simple, intuitive, and fully integrated with wireless connectivity.
  • 80% lighter than other systems.
  • Easy to move, less risk of operator fatigue and injury.
  • Enable higher SID whilst still remaining adjustable.
    • Collimation adjustment involves only placing at maximum height, no further height adjustments needed.
  • Reduces procedure steps.
  • Fewer arm movements than conventional designs helping to reduce fatigue.
  • Located in the head on the handle, permits micro movements for easy, precise positioning.
  • On the bottom of the tusks to allow the operator to reach it and turn it on without lowering the head / reducing the SID.
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  • A spring based self-balancing arm is without friction, as it is not articulated. This allows you to move the head up, down, side to side without the head changing angles (kicking forward or backwards). It is a simpler, more robust, lighter weight design leading to high reliability.
  • Is not heavy like collapsible columns and traditional articulating arms.
    • The arm weighs 12 kgs and the head and tusks 6.5 kgs.
    • Due to its design and weight, it is easy to maneuver and reduces operator fatigue.
  • Head position remains constant when counterpoise arm is moved allowing for rapid and precise positioning.
  • Carbon fibre outer helps to further reduce weight, helping lessen fatigue of operator.
  • Rotation 270 degrees.
  • Cradles compactly to maximise forward view,  even for petite operators.
  • Aerodynamic design and a single cable sheath allows for quick & easy disinfection.
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  • No instruction needed.
  • Reduces palm fatigue and increases pleasure of operation.
  • Brake release is simple and easy.
  • Breaks instantly and automatically applied when Ergoknobs are released, making it safe and efficient to manoeuvre through your facility.
  • Easily rotates on its own axis for smooth movement in tight spaces.
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The Rover is designed to perform radiographic X-ray examinations for disease/injury detection, diagnosis, medical and surgical treatment planning, and therapy monitoring, where patient condition contraindicates transport to a fixed X-ray unit. The Rover can be used on pediatrics and adult patients, in all patient treatment areas. To adapt to these different circumstances, we have different options available upon request. *Rover and Rover Plus may not be available in all geographies.

  • Technique output of max. 120 kV @ 55mAs or 75 kV@ 80 mAs

  • Weight approx. 112 kgs

  • Filters

  • Colorful wraps

  • Reinforced undercarriage with 50% higher ground clearance than standard unit to allow for easy movement over uneven terrain without risk of damage to internal workings.

  • Battery tray modifications to enable a faster easier exchange than standard designs, so can be replaced on the go.

  • The battery box is built with aluminium thickness of 2.5mm, more than double the standard version.

  • Rounded wheelie bar, behaves more like a handle than the standard square design, to help with movement over irregular terrain.

  • Handles in the front carriage for good grip for a second operator, to assist with movement over rough terrain.

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