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Argus live demonstrations at US bomb tech expo

Micro-X has carried out its first US demonstrations of its Argus X-ray Camera at a bomb tech expo in Florida.

The International Association of Bomb Technicians and Investigators (IABTI), International In-Service Training & Exposition is a major industry event attended by leading bomb disposal experts from military, law enforcement and first responder organisations globally.  The event attracts professionals from across the explosives community and includes anti-terrorism, bomb/explosives disposal and post-blast investigators.

The IABTI is represented by some of the world’s foremost explosives subject matter experts and its members include the FBI, US Army, US Navy and the US Airforce.  Micro-X’s Argus sales team is led by two former military bomb disposal technicians who are members of the IABTI.

‘Live fire’ demonstrations to bomb disposal experts

Across the first two days of the IABTI In-Service Training & Expo, Micro-X exhibited a pre-production Argus unit to a range of potential customers.  The unit recently completed the first field tests in Australia, through a range of tests where images were transmitted more than 1,500 metres line of sight from the target.

The Micro-X Argus team has now carried out “live fire” demonstrations at IABTI of Argus’ unique capability to provide rapid threat assessment through remotely operated high-definition backscatter stand-off imaging. The live fire demonstrations included stand-off imaging of a simulated improvised explosive device.

Argus is the only portable backscatter system available to bomb technicians that is capable of remote operation and stand-off imaging. Across the Expo and the live fire demonstrations, the Micro-X team received very positive feedback on capabilities, imaging quality, and improved safety for military and police bomb technicians. Continued engagement with industry experts allows Micro-X to build its customer pipeline in the US through proof of the unit’s capability and demonstrated use.

Micro-X's Sean Slappy in one of the Argus demonstrations

Micro-X’s Sean Slappy shows stand off images captured in one of the Argus demonstrations