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Three US Trade Events Generate Strong Interest

Micro-X corporate debut at Radiological Society of North America Conference 28 Nov to 2 Dec

Micro-X Ltd is pleased to provide this update on commercialisation of three of its Product Lines following highly successful participation at three important trade shows held in North America. The Company’s international debut under its own branding became a highlight of the Radiological Society of North America’s (RSNA) 107th Scientific Assembly and Annual Meeting as it showcased its innovative cold-cathode x-ray technology and products to wide acclaim in Chicago.  In the same week the ‘Micro-X Argus’ x-ray camera became the talk of the US Bomb Technicians Association (USBTA) Technology Tradeshow in Florida and the Future Travel Experience Conference in Las Vegas Micro-X has engaged directly with airports managers and airlines leaders to place self-service checkpoints at the centre of the future travel experience.

Key Points                                          

  • Micro-X Mobile DR range launched to high acclaim as a cutting edge manufacturer on the world radiology stage
    • Exhibiting at the 107th annual meeting of RSNA – the largest radiological conference in the world
    • Current and future products showcased – this range attracted high interest from a large number of delegates, many with multiple visits and referrals from other delegates
    • Meetings with global X-Ray companies to become OEM partners and over 60 American and European dealers interested in becoming Micro-X distributors
  • Micro-X Argus presented at the USBTA in Florida to US Military, US Federal Law Enforcement and many US state and local police forces – seven key agencies have now requested demonstrations in early 2022
  • Global airline and airport managers at the Future Travel Experience Conference in Las Vegas welcomed Micro-X’s miniature baggage CT scanner and endorsed TSA’s self-service checkpoint concept
  • Each conference has generated strong commercial interest and an increasing sales pipeline


Micro-X becomes the talk of RSNA – Largest Global Radiology Tradeshow

Micro-X was pleased to make its debut under the Micro-X brand as an exhibitor at the 107th Scientific Assembly and Annual Meeting of RSNA between 28 November and 2 December 2021 in Chicago, Illinois. The RSNA Annual Meeting is the largest global radiology tradeshow and a key event in the radiology industry, attracting respected radiology experts, potential purchasers, and industry exhibitors from across the globe. The theme for RSNA 2021 was ‘Redefining Radiology’ and it showcased new ideas and technologies that are redefining the future of the radiology field.

As part of an updated Go-to-Market strategy led by Charlie Hicks, General Manager of the Mobile DR Business Unit, Micro-X is seeking to brand itself in the radiology market as an innovator with a range of cutting-edge imaging products.  The exhibition booth included a demonstration area with both a bed and a neonatal intensive care crib to allow visitors to experience first-hand the ease of movement and alignment of the mobile- x-ray machines.

The number of delegates attending the Micro-X booth far exceeded management expectations with many repeat visitors and others attending the booth after colleagues had urged them to do so.  The level of discussions and feedback at the booth and post-conference events from radiology professionals and industry professionals was overwhelmingly positive.   The small size of the Micro-X cold-cathode carbon nanotube x-ray tubes astounded many and a novel, clear-skinned exhibit of Rover’s articulation and imaging components drew much admiration for its elegant simplicity and quality.  The biggest drawcard at the booth was a mock-up of the future Brain CT Scanner which became a focus of considerable attention and drew a crowd of interested delegates each day, emphasising the unprecedented miniaturisation capability of Micro-X’s carbon nanotube technology.

The team of nine Micro-X sales and management executives had to work very hard to service the volume of visitors to the booth and had a number of meetings including with every major multi-national X-Ray company; every major detector company; a dozen large systems integrators and over 60 dealers from the Americas, Europe, and the Middle East.  There were also a large number of product demonstrations with potential customers and clinicians.

Supporting the brand image of innovation, Micro-X used the RSNA exhibition to announce a lifetime (ten year) warranty on its medical x-ray tubes.  Unprecedented in the industry, this was well received and underlined the Company’s confidence in its new technology and products. Also launched at the exhibition was a re-branding to emphasise the versatility of the different variants of our mobile DR x-ray machines:

  • Micro-X | Pico – Acute hospitals & temporary facilities
  • Micro-X | Neo – Specialist paediatric & neo-natal ICU x-ray
  • Micro-X | Rover – Rugged version for a range of non-hospital applications
    • Military deployed hospitals and humanitarian aid
    • In-home for Door-to-door service
    • Veterinary for Small-animal hospitals

Post-RSNA the sales team is rapidly following-up the many potential customer discussions and distributor interest for the Micro-X range of Mobile DR x-ray machines in order to translate into stronger sales for this year and into 2022.


Micro-X Argus introduced to US Bomb Technicians Association – Florida Tradeshow

Micro-X exhibited its ‘Micro-X Argus’ x-ray IED camera at the US Bomb Technicians Association’s Technology Tradeshow in Florida on 30th November and 1st December.  The Micro-X Argus attracted huge interest from US Federal Government and State Police bomb squad attendees with many new potential customers seeking information and discussing the technology. A Senior Federal-level Public Safety Bomb Technician said to the Micro-X sales team that “This product is what we have been looking for, and waiting for, for years”.

Micro-X has already received seven requests for customer demonstrations of the Micro-X Argus to commence from early 2022 from Federal Law Enforcement Agencies, Military EOD teams and police forces across the US.


Micro-X’s Miniature CT Baggage Scanner the missing link in Aviation Security

Micro-X attended the Future Travel Experience Conference in Las Vegas on 7-9 December which attracted many delegates from airlines, airports and government aviation and security regulators world-wide. The future of air travel is to become a “seamless and touchless passenger journey” from when the passenger enters the airport to when they leave at their destination; this future is already becoming reality, and this was the focus of the conference. The conference featured numerous vendors providing unique automation solutions throughout the airport.

The Micro-X Miniature CT baggage scanner is a key element to deliver this future airport vision as it provides a unique solution to the most challenging and invasive point in the passenger’s journey. The US Department of Homeland Security’s contract with Micro-X Inc. for a Miniature CT Baggage Scanner was of great interest to all delegates and many conversations with delegates made it clear that airlines and airports want to move much faster than government to introduce this technology and transform the passenger experience. The very positive feedback and scale of interest at this conference will help support a strong sales pipeline for the Micro-X CT baggage scanner and Checkpoint solution. This will allow Micro-X to fast-track commercialisation of the Checkpoint CT Scanner which was described by many delegates as the ‘missing link’ in developing more passenger-friendly security in airports.


Micro-X’s Managing Director, Peter Rowland, commented:

“Over two short weeks in the USA we have been overwhelmed by the impact our technology and products have made on the industries and customers at these three radiology, security and aviation tradeshows.  I was able to see firsthand that we really have very strong customer pull and offer the potential to change their markets in a major way. In particular, the RSNA Annual Meeting was a huge success for Micro-X as we were able to showcase the innovation, quality and performance of our amazing radiology platforms.  The number of companies seeking to do business with us stands witness to our future potential establishing ourselves as a manufacturer leading a revolution in X-ray.  We could not have been happier with the response and interest levels across the RSNA conference as well as the number of high-quality meetings we held with customers and potential partners. 

We remain focused on rapidly turning all of this interest into larger customer pipelines and most importantly sales.