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Leader Healthcare Group to sell Rover in UAE

Micro-X Rover mobile DR system will be distributed in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) through an exclusive deal signed between Micro-X and Leader Healthcare Group.

The agreement will foster long-term business relationships between the two companies and contribute to Micro-X’s international expansion through Leader Healthcare’s access to the United Arab Emirates’ high growth market.

The Rover’s high imaging performance and lightweight manoeuvrability provides flexibility in its use in hospitals and at point-of-care. Its ‘feather touch’ drive and the balanced rotating articulating arm combine to make positioning the tube simple and fast, while the tube head’s small size allows for easier positioning around patients. The innovative, lightweight machines use ground-breaking carbon nanotube technology, with a simpler design and more reliable performance in a smaller, lighter and less complex unit than traditional mobile x-ray devices. The intelligent ergonomics make the machine easy to manoeuvre and permit precise positioning for x-rays. The long-lasting Lithium Ion-Phosphate battery means the Rover can run without mains power for up to 8 hours.

Leader Healthcare Group’s Global CEO, Sukhdeep Sachdev, said the addition of the Micro-X Rover to the company’s range would meet the needs of users seeking value and flexibility.

“The market is dynamic in the post COVID-19 era, where the focus is more on making every treatment accessible,” he said.

“The partnership between Leader and Micro-X provides a solution that delivers the best value for service users. Micro-X’s portable solutions perfectly complement end-users’ quests for innovative products that combine mobile x-ray solutions with cutting-edge technology.”

Micro-X General Manager for Mobile Solutions Charlie Hicks said the distribution agreement with Leader Healthcare Group provided a new opportunity for the Rover mobile x-ray unit to be offered to customers in the United Arab Emirates.

“We are excited about the opportunity provided through our partnership with Leader Healthcare Group, who will be exclusively distributing our Rover mobile x-ray unit in the UAE,” Mr Hicks said.

“Micro-X mobile technology brings the x-ray to the patient, reducing the risk of moving patients to imaging rooms and providing new opportunities to bring the Rover to deliver high-grade hospital images in different home care environments.”

“We are grateful for the invaluable advice provided through the South Australian Government and its overseas trade office in Dubai in bringing this agreement to reality.”

South Australia’s Minister for Trade and Investment Nick Champion said South Australia was the perfect location to collaborate, innovate, develop and test new products to commercialise globally.

“Our advanced manufacturing capability is combined with expertise in medical technology, biotechnology and pharmaceuticals to develop world-leading medical products, such as Micro-X’s Rover mobile x-ray unit,” he said.