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our Patented Carbon nanotube

Nano Electronic X-Ray NEX Technology

Micro-X is the first company in the world to introduce to the general radiology market, NEX Technology, using a carbon nanotube, a cold electron source material instead of a traditional heated filament.

This electronic x-ray tube is smaller, lighter, and faster than anything the world has seen before.

This has led to the development of the Rover DR Mobile System, with unique characteristics resulting from engineering prowess and clinical engagement incorporating NEX Technology. Rover is spearheading change in mobile imaging around the world.

NEX Technology makes our products:

NEX Technology & ROVER Mobile DR

Versatile and Lightweight

The Rover Mobile DR is an ultra-lightweight X-ray unit providing high quality imaging at Point of Care for patients at home, in hospital or on the sports field!

Several unique components contribute to its lightness:

Nano Electronic X-ray or NEX Technology™ uses carbon nanotubes to generate X-rays without heat yet with high precision.

Therefore, the bulk of oil, lead and motors needed for cooling traditional thermionic X-rays machines are not needed.

NEX Technology delivers an X-ray tube of  2.35 kgs, our head is <6 kgs and the counterpoise arm <16.5ks. The total weight of the Rover Mobile DR is about 100kgs.

No motors and fewer batteries are needed further reducing weight.

The system is less complex than traditional units which translates to reliability, lowering service needs. We are so confident of our design we offer a Tubes for Life program, a (non-transferable) guarantee of the Rover x-ray tube for the lifetime of the device- which is 10 years, as defined by Micro-X. In addition to the advantages of the unique technology, the extraordinary ergonomics are designed to reduce operator fatigue and injury:
  • Head and Tusks incorporate collimation to help speed image positioning and accuracy. It also houses a Nudge Button for micro-movement adjustments.
  • Counterpoise Arm is self-balancing and lightweight, making it super easy to position.
  • Ergoknobs are intuitive to use and comfortable for all hand sizes. They require only featherlight touch, operating with a palm break release the Rover can be moved with one hand and is easy to swivel on its axis.
  • Body of carbon fibre further reduces weight and increases robustness.
  • Lithium Phosphate batteries have a long life, are fast to recharge and slow to decline, becoming a greener choice.
The Rover mobile DR is Reliable Easy and Efficient thanks to NEX Technology and original ergonomics designed to augment ease of use.



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